*Warranty Policy

  1. Proof of purchase is required to claim warranty coverage.
  2. Repairs or replacements will be conducted by the Company’s Service Center, Authorized Service Center, or Dealer’s Service Center.
  3. If the unit is located outside the authorized service area, the customer is responsible for expenses related to collecting the unit and travel costs for service personnel.
  4. The warranty period will continue for the unexpired duration after repairs or replacements. The time taken for repairs and transit will not be excluded from the warranty period.
  5. The company reserves the right to retain replaced parts if defects are noticed during the warranty period.
  6. Warranty for the unexpired period continues after inspection and confirmation of the product’s freedom from transit damage. The customer may be required to pay an inspection fee.
  7. The company’s obligation is limited to repairing or replacing parts, and the maximum claim is subject to the product’s maximum retail price or purchase price, whichever is lower.
  8. If spare parts are unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, the company may offer a commercial solution based on prevailing depreciation rules.
  9. Defective accessories will be repaired or replaced individually.
  10. Any disputes arising from the warranty are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.
  11. The company will repair or replace defective parts.
  12. The Service Center will advise whether on-site repair or service at their center is necessary.
  13. Replaced parts will be functionally operative.
  14. iVOOMi may use new, refurbished, or reconditioned accessories or parts during repairs.
  15. Specific promotional or extended warranty offers may vary, so it’s recommended to check the detailed page for each model.
  16. The warranty is valid only for the first purchaser of the product and for personal use. Commercial use will void the warranty.
  17. The warranty is not applicable in certain conditions, such as commercial use, absence of warranty card/invoice, purchase from unauthorized channels, improper use, modifications, unauthorized installation/repairs, operating conditions not conforming to recommendations, and removal/alteration of the serial number.
  18. Certain factors like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God, or damage during transit may also void the warranty.
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